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Animation's Kahshe Belle, CGN, RN and Ch. Pretty River Bow O'Ambercroft, WC, CD are pleased to announce they are the proud parents of 2 adorable boys and 5 sweet girls who were born on January 8, 2013.
Deposits are now being taken on this litter.
DAM:  Animation's Kahshe Belle, CGN, RN        SIRE:  Ch. Pretty River Bow O'Ambercroft, WC, CD 
Bow & Kahshe Pups at 6 days of age
This is our 2011 Litter - Bugsy/Kahshe Belle
SIRE:  CH Veragold's Rockin the Flamingo (aka BUGSY)   DAM: Animation's Kahshe Belle CHN, RN (aka KAHSHE)
Announcing the 5 boys and 4 girls from the Bugsy/Kahshe Litter born on November 24, 2011. 



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